Benefits of Utilizing Full-Body Lodox Digital Radiography in Forensic Pathology

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Authors: Andrea Wiens, Kyla Jorgenson, Joshua Lanter
Year: 2015
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Language: English
Publication Date: September 1, 2015
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Benefits of Utilizing Full-Body Lodox Digital Radiography in Forensic Pathology

Kyla M. Jorgenson, Joshua Lanter, Andrea L. Wiens

ABSTRACT:  Introduction: The purpose of this study was to measure the time spent by a single autopsy assistant in obtaining full-body radiographic imaging in a forensic pathology setting. The Lodox digital radiography (DR) system was compared with a traditional cassette-based portable computed radiography (CR) system to quantify time saved by the implementation of the Lodox imaging system.

Methods: Decedents were examined with the Lodox DR and portable CR systems to provide full-body coverage with each system. Timing
was divided into preparation, acquisition, and postacquisition stages, with an additional transfer stage being required for the Lodox
DR system. A neutral observer timed each stage for each decedent examined with both systems.

Results: The Lodox DR system provided an 87% time savings (p < 0.001) over the portable CR system to complete full-body radiographic
scanning. While the portable CR system was faster at image acquisition (p < 0.001), the Lodox DR system was faster during the preparation (p < 0.001) and postacquisition (p < 0.001) stages.

Conclusions: The time required for a full-body radiographic examination is markedly shortened with utilization of the Lodox DR system.
Seven full-body examinations can be completed with the Lodox DR system in the time that a single full-body examination is completed
with the portable CR system. In a forensic pathology setting, the Lodox DR system is therefore more time-efficient than the portable CR
system studied, as it provides the same scope in a shorter time period, allowing for streamlining of radiographic imaging studies. Acad

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